Ganymede’s Girls University is a social space dedicated to each skill rating of Overwatch, and as well as each region of Overwatch. These spaces include official practice times for anyone in a skill tier to get the team experience without the dedication and time commitments required of those on core teams. In addition we have university rooms for those interested in casting and coaching experience.

Benefits of being in a university room include:

  • A room full of like minded individuals of your SR
  • Scheduled practices
  • Scrims against the core team of your SR
  • Bronze – Ganymede University¬† ¬† Schedule – MWF 7:30 central
  • Silver – Io University
  • Gold – Callisto University
  • Platinum – Adrastea University
  • Diamond – Leda University
  • Masters+ – Europa University
  • EU – Elara University
  • Asia – Amalthea University
  • Oceania – Lysithea University
  • Casting