Step 1:

Check out the resources page to watch an amazing in depth look at what it takes to be an Overwatch caster.

Watch a night of OWL matches, paying specific attention to the casters.

Step 2:

Schedule a 2 streamed matches/scrims where you will observe other casters do their thing to learn from them without the pressure of doing it live. One you’ll practice play by play casting and the other color casting.

Schedule 3 streamed matches/scrims where your casting will be streamed on GG’s twitch. At least one of these should be recorded and sent to a BirbCaster for help, suggestions on where to improve and personal strengths.

Step 3:

Continue to practice casting as a BirbCaster by reviewing VODS, attending OWL nights and casting for Ganymede’s Girls various events.

Always remember to have fun ♥