Video Game Review: Overcooked 2

Screenshot of gameplay from Overcooked 2, with four chefs in a kitchen surrounded by several small fires.

Sarah and I needed a break from Overwatch. Licorice Whip just finished playing for Owlet Season 2, which was rewarding but also quite stressful. We wanted to play something not Overwatch together. Unfortunately, not many video games were easy-to-pick-up, fun and multiplayer at the same time. Overcooked 2 seemed like the best option, especially with its cute design and a harmless topic — cooking! It turned out to be a perfect game for us, although not necessarily as relaxing as we expected. Nevertheless, we were able to destress at one of the most stressful challenges of this cooperative game.


Video Game Review: Dota 2 Auto Chess

Auto Chess logo

Day and again, I learn that every fad exists for a reason. I first read some of my friends talking about Dota 2 Auto Chess on Twitter. I was only vaguely interested at this point, mostly because I don’t really play MOBA other than occasional throwplay in League. But after playing a couple rounds, I see how the hype for Auto Chess is real – because it’s so fun! There was a reason this arcade game got the actual game itself to be on the top chart for Twitch streams and now has a separate category dedicated solely for Auto Chess. It will soon be available in mobile version as well. I highly recommend people to try it out!


#RiseAboveGG Experiences

Sometimes, I am surprised that I am no longer constantly sad. I am surprised to realize that I feel neutral rather than be in a swamp of tears waiting to devour me. This is a short account of how I rose above depression and how gaming helped me navigate my way as I learned to see the world in a much varied perspective.


My Experience With Video Gaymes

As with a lot of my generation, I grew up in an era that propagated a lot of technological advancements. Along with these innovations came new ways to experience stories. Most kids’ first video game consoles included something like a GameCube or, even older, a Nintendo 64. If you were me, you played Barbie: Secret Agent over and over on your parent’s computer whenever you could get the chance.


Member Spotlight: Anurzin

Anurzin: “Majority of my time in GG was spent on the Callisto team. It was a fantastic team and we had a lot of fun. I loved the tournaments, movie nights, etc. I’ll never forget that one time we watched The Descent and I was giggling/cackling at everyone screaming haha. Great movie. Just a lovely community ❤️”


Game Review – GRIS

Four hours, that’s all you need. Within that time you’ll experience a soundtrack that will inspire, a story bound to move even the most unfeeling person and artistry so uniquely gorgeous. There wasn’t a single element of the game that I disliked. Even the length, although I wanted the game to continue, seemed right.


Reading Video Games as Queer Art – Part 2

[Editor’s note: This the conclusion to a two-part series by guest contributor, Zoe, originally written for the author’s Queer/Feminist Application to Art class.]

After establishing video games as an art form, we can begin to look at the bigger question: how do we read video games as queer art? The most obvious answer to this is to look at video games that present queer themes, even though they have been few and far in between, as the game making industry has continually been dominated by middle-aged white and Asian men (Clark). However, more and more games are beginning to incorporate queer themes into their characters and stories, such as The Last of Us 2 (2019) (IGN), which, in its gameplay trailer, made it clear that it would be heavily including details about the main character’s sexuality.