Ganymede’s Girls affiliate teams are designed to allow a formed team to show solidarity with GG’s mission, be a part of the community, and be in close proximity to other women-aligned players all while operating as an independent team.


  1. Opportunities for all players: Affiliate teams provide an opportunity for teams to be a part of the GG community, while maintaining their independence. This can also provide the opportunity for members of the GG community to continue past the team periods established by the GG core teams.
  2. Team flexibility: Ganymede’s Girls has made decisions for team conduct based on the needs of the community, as affiliate teams are independent, they do not have the same guidelines. The only requirement for an affiliate team is that the team roster be majority women-aligned individuals.. Things like coaches, ringers, etc, will all be at the discretion of the team.
  3. Looking for Group and Scrims: Affiliate teams will have easy access to the Ganymede’s Girls community through our Affiliate Discord Server for looking for scrims, recruitment, etc.


  • Once affiliate status is accepted, the team will be featured on GG’s website along with the team’s twitter or website (if applicable).
  • Affiliate teams will not have an exclusive space in GG’s main discord, however there is an Affiliate team server which is a hub for all teams.
  • An affiliate team representative (captain/manager/etc) will have access to our Casting room in order to be in contact with our Casting Manager about having scrims or matches casted on Twitch.
  • Promotion of affiliate teams’ social media is allowed in the appropriate channels.
  • At least one affiliate team member in a leadership position must be a part of GG’s server. It is not required for the entire team to be members of the GG server, but encouraged. See Application Checklist for membership options.
  • Members of an affiliate team do not qualify to try out for a GG core team. However, University rooms are open to all those within the respective skill tiers. (See Application Checklist)
  • Members who choose to apply as an affiliate team may not apply as a team if they are currently playing together on a GG core team. This is to ensure that GG does not have a vacant core team between tryout periods.

Application Checklist

  • At least 6 members.

    • To apply as an affiliate team, you must have at least 6 members currently on the roster. There is no maximum, and subs/captains/coaches/managers/etc may also be declared. Majority core and permanent sub positions must be filled by women-aligned players during the application period and onward in order to keep affiliate status. Affiliate teams have no limitations on being within a certain SR tier. 
  • Discord Community Member

    • Before the affiliate application is processed, one member of the team, preferably the captain or manager, must have completed the interview process and been accepted into GG. If desired, all additional team members must independently apply to be a member of the community.

Affiliate Termination

If at any point the affiliate team behaves, as a whole, in ways that disparage GG’s values as a non-toxic community, or in any other way that violates GG’s Code of Conduct, then the team’s affiliate status may be revoked at admin discretion.

For questions, please message whitneyb@ganymedesgirls.com.