Ganymede’s Girls is a community geared towards gamers who identify as female, non-binary, and gender non-conforming. The community focuses on fostering a competitive drive to those that wish to improve individually and in a team environment. Our goal is to give women-aligned gamers a place to learn, practice and compete in a comfortable, safe community with other like-minded individuals. We emphasize teamwork, personal improvement, and working together to form a supportive network.


When Ganymede’s Girls first started there was only one team. Since then Ganymede’s Girls has grown so much! To show appreciation to our first members of Ganymede’s Girls and to remember our founding team, below we have included some information about our original 8 members of Ganymede’s Girls!

Drosi | SlayElectric | Catarmpit | Sarsi | Roozu | DramaLlama | Toxic Fatality | Bummer