Velaris is a mixed gold-plat average GG affiliate team.

Please introduce yourself briefly! 

VenusOrion (Venus): Hi, I’m Venus. I am the captain of Velaris and I yell at people to do things… and Jo is my younger sister. Don’t listen to her.

TulyMoody (Tuly): Hey, I’m Tuly. Co-captain of Velaris and Hammond-main extraordinaire!

Epiphany: Hi, I’m Epiphany, a.k.a. Rylan. I’m a Lucio one-trick masquerading as a Flex player. 

Ellie: Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m a sub for Velaris, here to tryhard and make people laugh at my mishaps. 

Aenigma: Hey, I’m Josh and I’m a DPS sub.

Raechu: Hey! I’m Rae! I’m the hitscan DPS for Velaris and I’m not totally sure how that happened. But I can click heads so no one really complains :p 

JohannaVitex (Jo): Sup my dudes, it is I, Jo. I’m a Mercy one-trick who can sometimes do stuff on other characters. I rarely ever talk because that’s Venus’s job. 

Congrats on winning the NA Gold Division of C3 Tournament on August 17! What was it like to play for C3?

Jo: I personally had a blast! Amazing teams, even though Velaris is the best. Great atmosphere around the entire event and we loved getting to play and raise money for an amazing charity. 

Epiphany: I had an amazing time. I was nervous at first since it was my first tourney ever but it was so much fun! I am really proud of everyone in Velaris and everybody that participated. I am glad that we raised so much money together!

Aenigma: Playing in an Overwatch tourney was a dream come true for me. I was so happy just to play while supporting a great cause. The whole team did SUPER well and just like Epiphany, I’m very proud of us.

Ellie: Playing for a tournament like C3 was amazing. Every team we played against was super wholesome and talented. Also, we helped raise a lot of money for a great cause. It was a good excuse for tryharding and seeing how good we were 🙂 

How did you end up on Velaris?

Aenigma: I found this lovely team via a Reddit post someone sent me and I could not be happier. 

Epiphany: I also found Velaris through a post on Reddit! I’ve never joined a team before this. I am so happy I joined. 

Raechu: Same! I was never on a real team and thought it would be a great experience, and it is. I love my teammates and I love playing regularly with the same people and developing our own team playstyle.

Ellie: Since I am a member of GG, Shade and Venus invited me to fool around in quickplay. Then they asked me to join and I said “YEEEE!!” 

Mind sharing some of your practice routine?

Venus: We all group up in VC about 9 PM EST and we chat for half an hour before we group together in a game. Then, we proceed to run bunker comp, as it’s our casual warm-up strategy. After a game or two, we try out new comps with different characters. We never play competitive because it is too stressful. We practice until 11:30 PM and then we all leave to do our own things. 

What would be the one word to describe Velaris as a team? (Example: friendly, fun, fierce…)

Venus: Stubborn.

…. Yeah I think that’s the right word.

Tuly: You’re not… wrong.

What do you have planned moving forward? Any plans for the future?

Venus: So far, we don’t have any plans other than getting more members so we can participate in a tournament without worrying about missing a player. We also are keen to make new friends with people.

If you are interested in knowing more about Velaris or joining their team, check out the Ganymede’s Girls affiliate page. Or you can join Team Velaris Discord by clicking here.

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