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Young me (around 8 or 9): Growing up in a Christian household, I’m no longer allowed to play with my sister’s toys because “those are for girls, you have to play with the boy’s toys.”

10-ish: gets called “gay” at school (as a “joke”). I go home to ask my dad what it means. He gets mad and tells me to ask again when I’m older.

11: Middle-school-me is fully immersed by my families view of the world so I’m very mean and bigoted towards my friends who don’t share that worldview.

14 (8th grade): Still holding my parent’s views, I refuse to do a project in my Civics class because my group wants to support gay marriage.

Summer before 9th grade: The week before band camp, I’m browsing the internet and I come across the term trans. I am curious, so I do more research and realize this describes a lot of my feelings. But I don’t believe it even though I’m intrigued. The next day, I steal some of my sister’s old clothes and put them on in the bathroom and realize I feel so much better. But I’m too scared to come out. So I start wearing panties underneath my boxers just to feel some sort of validation.

Sophomore year: comes out to my sister and best friend. Both are super supportive. Later in the year, I also realize I like some boys and other trans girls. So I guess I’m pan now.

2016: starts coming out at school and get more comfortable with my identity. I stop wearing boxers all together. But I get too comfortable and my parent walks in on me dressed in girl mode so I’m forced to come out to them.

2017: works up the courage to start coming out to people again. I start using my preferred name at school. I even get the school to change my gender on their records! I graduate and go to all night grad in a dress, feeling amazing and super valid.

2018: Fully out to all my friends and presenting occasionally at school.

2019: Nothing really changed and dysphoria is a bitch.

Also 2018/19: realizes I don’t actually like all genders. So I start identifying as poly-s but then I get burned and ghosted hard by guys. So I just decide I’m done with guys – they aren’t cute anymore so I’m just gonna go after fem aligning people. So maybe I’m a lesbian now. I don’t know.

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Juniper Rose

Hey, I'm Juniper! My friends call me June I'm a 20-year-old trans girl just trying to find her way. I'm friendly, I love laughing with friends as well as playing Overwatch or Minecraft, and I almost always have snacks close by <3


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