This blog is meant as a space for our members to write about things that matter to them. I’m Roozu, your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief, and I’m starting things off by sharing how I got here in the first place.

Me joining Ganymede’s Girls depended on so many random coincidences that, at the risk of sounding cheesy as hell, it was almost certainly meant to be.

First, I needed to be browsing Reddit at just the right time.

Second, I specifically needed be reading /r/ggoverwatch.

Third, I needed to click the post that said “Recruiting for an all women’s team.”

And fourth, I needed to be feeling bold enough to actually reply that I was interested.

I was brand new to Overwatch, brand new to first person shooters in general (despite playing all kinds of games since I was a kid, shooting games were the only ones I barely touched, solely because most of them made me extremely motion sick), and I clearly had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t keep up with any of my real life friends who all had more experience at this type of game than me. Why did I think that I was good enough to join a team?

On the surface, I most certainly wasn’t good enough to join a team. But that didn’t matter to the women I first started playing with. Shout out to those teammates who were super patient with me, constructive, and supportive, even though I was just a lowly bronze who played on a toaster of a computer at first!

I know now that if it wasn’t for Ganymede’s Girls, I would have probably quit playing Overwatch a long time ago. Before this community, my experience with online games had been only through WoW, in an overwhelmingly male guild. In my brief time trying to navigate Overwatch by myself, I knew enough about the community at large to never open my mouth in voice chat if I wanted to have any peace.

My experience in a woman-aligned gaming space is drastically different. I was no longer afraid to join in discussions. I wasn’t scared to ask potentially silly questions or try roles outside of my comfort zone. And most notably, I learned to overcome my fear of voice comms and actually shotcall.

Ganymede’s Girls means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For me, it’s a place where I stopped sitting on the sidelines, came out of my shell, and got involved. I’m grateful to everyone I met here who helped me get there, and I’m thrilled to be part of a community that does the same for others!

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